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3D printing can be confusing.

How do you learn about 3D printing? Press releases usually paint everything as shiny and perfect. YouTube reviews and subreddits are the opinions of strangers.

How can you get the real story behind a product or a company?

At 3D Print Authority we want to create a transparent, no-BS conversation about the world of 3D printing and technology.

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About Me

My name is Adam Fasnacht. I’m a mechanical engineer, and I have worked with 3D printers of all shapes and sizes for over 7 years.

I’m really passionate about how 3D printing and technology can improve the world around us.

I love cooking. I think it ties into how I’ve always loved working with my hands and bringing an idea to life.

The need for transparency in 3D Printing

I learned so much while working with 3D printers of all shapes and sizes, and the people running them. Something kept nagging at me: what I read online rarely matched what I saw in the real world.

Press releases never told the whole story. They’re full of well-scripted statements from executives, but don’t address the reality of a company or a product. Most websites charge up to $1000 to publish an article saying what the sponsoring company wants them to.

(Full disclosure here, I learned this while trying to get articles published about Powerbelt3D. Press gets the word out!)

There are two worlds in 3D printing: the Industrial world, and the Hobby world.

These worlds rarely talk to each other, and it’s a shame. I think both groups could learn a lot from the other.

At some point in the future, I believe 3D printing will be used to make many of the objects we use every day. Businesses need to begin learning about the technology, and have a reliable, honest source to learn from.

If they insist on not learning, they are destined to become obsolete.

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