They made 3D printer filament at a time when it was really hard to find – IC3D

IC3D first began during the “boom” of 3D printing that started in 2012. Patents had expired and the RepRap project allowed people all over the world to start using 3D printers. However, filament was hard to find and generally low-quality.

IC3D started extruding and selling their own filament in Columbus, Ohio. Today, they offer filament, 3D printing services, and large-format 3D printers.

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An entrepreneur at heart, Matt has been the COO (Chief Operations Officer) at IC3D since 2014. He leads operations, print service job quoting and customer enjoyment at IC3D lending his expertise in engineering and 3D printing to prosumers worldwide. Before graduating with his masters degree in mechanical engineering from The Ohio State University, Matt started a 3D printing service company in 2013 to design and make items from reproduction car parts, to tooling for carbon fiber part production. An automotive engineer by trade, Matt has been involved in many projects including the development of hybrid vehicles, off road vehicles, and the Chevy Sonic RallyCross car, which made its debut at the 2013 X-games. These experiences have allowed him to channel his engineering passion into disrupting manufacturing techniques with large format 3D printing.

Nowadays, Matt’s focus is sustainability and pushing the plastics industry into a circular economy. Building partnerships with high-volume plastics producers will allow IC3D to reclaim waste and re-circulate material. Matt spends much of his time scheming about empowering everyday people with progressive technology. His dream within the next year is to create pellets from recycled plastics that can be repurposed into new parts for individuals and companies alike.