I analyzed 77 pages of 3D printing industry reports so you don’t have to – 2021

Every year different organizations will publish their own version of “The state of 3D Printing”. These reports are super interesting to me, especially because they’re all different!

2020 was a wild year. The status of manufacturing and 3D printing is evolving at an accelerated rate.

In this episode I stepped back from interviews and analyzed 3 different reports. I pulled out what I think are the most important highlights, and you can digest them all in under an hour.

What do you think about these types of reports? Are they useful for learning, or only as a lead magnet for the companies that publish them?

Sculpteo report: https://www.sculpteo.com/en/ebooks/state-of-3d-printing-report-2021/

Fictiv report: https://www.fictiv.com/ebooks/2021-state-of-manufacturing

3D Hubs report: https://www.hubs.com/get/trends/