They make metal and ceramic filament for ANY 3D printer – The Virtual Foundry

Brad defines himself as a “professional dabbler” (I guess you could say we have that in common) and started creating metal filaments way back in 2015! After a successful Kickstarter campaign, they’ve grown to offer filament in a wide variety of metals and ceramics.

This is a humble, no-BS conversation about metal FDM 3D printing and I love that I can feature The Virtual Foundry and highlight Brad’s work. There’s no marketing sizzle reel, and the shop behind him is messy – which means it actually gets used.

The Virtual Foundry offers a wider variety of sinter-able metal filaments than any other company I’ve seen. They accomplish this in part by choosing to not offer what you might call a “curated” experience. They offer filament and furnaces, but users have the freedom to pull any lever they want to adjust their results?

Print speed, infill, layer height, sintering times and temperatures – it’s all up to you. This has allowed them to cater to research and education facilities around the world who really want to push technology.

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