This metal 3D printer is under $10,000 and safe for your shop – Iro3D

Sergey was laid off work and jumped at the opportunity to work on a big idea. He wanted to make a metal 3D printer that was actually affordable. He created a system that deposits metal and sand precisely into a crucible which gets fired to make a fully dense part in metal, glass, or ceramic.

I love getting to showcase promising but seldom talked about 3D printing techniques. Sergey from Iro3D has an incredible process for 3D printing metal parts, and you won’t hear about it in TechCrunch.

At the end of the process, the parts are:

  • Fully dense, and 100% solid metal parts
  • no residual stress
  • no welded-on supports
  • minimal shrinking during firing
  • raw materials that are safe to handle without a respirator

Oh, and the printer costs under $10,000. If you’re familiar with DMLS or metal FDM processes, you already know that achieving all of these things sounds too good to be true.

Sergey’s process involves what he calls Selective Powder Deposition (SPD), and he’s been working on it since 2016. This episode definitely skews a bit more technical in nature, but if you’re at all interested in the future of metal 3D printing, I’m sure you’ll find it interesting.

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