This start-up is 3D printing solid state batteries that will power the future – Sakuú

Robert Bagheri has had a long career in start-ups and electronics. His latest project is Sakuú – a company building a 3D printing platform that is truly remarkable. It is capable of printing with metals and ceramics at the same time, which opens up a new world of possibilities. One that has had plenty of traction so far is solid state batteries – an essential technology for the future of electric vehicles.

I’ve always had a thing for alternatively fueled vehicles. (Like any other nerd I’m sure) This led me to build a handful of hydrolysis rigs in high school to play around with hydrogen. Fast forward to today, and the hydrogen-fueled future hasn’t really caught on. Not nearly as much as electric vehicles.

Needless to say, when I started seeing articles that a start-up was combining alternatively fueled vehicles AND 3D printing, I had to try to feature them on the podcast. 😅

The batteries that electric vehicles use are problematic. They can have harmful mining operations and they degrade over the years they are used.

On top of that the country (I’m sure you can guess which one) that makes them has an enormous share of the market that could lead to some unsavory economic/political situations.

Sakuús technology disrupts all of those problem’s with the way we make rechargeable batteries today. Robert’s enthusiasm and drive to change how things are made really shines through in this episode.

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